How to Make Slime With Glue

Q&A: Is it safe to play with slime made from borax ...

This slime recipe uses ordinary ingredients to make slime. 

  • Pour 1 cup of white glue into a mixing bowl. 
  • Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. 
  • Mix the contents of the bowl thoroughly. 
  • Add more or less glue depending on your desired consistency. 

Mix in Food Coloring and Lens Cleaner

A child's hands mixing pink food coloring into bowl of slime

  • Squeeze eight drops of food coloring into a bowl. (Add more or less, depending on the shade you want.) 
  • Mix the glue, baking soda and food coloring until there are no white streaks.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of lens cleaner. If you don’t have lens cleaner, you can use contact lens cleaner instead. 
  • Stir your slime mixture with a spoon until it starts to thicken.
  • Personalize this slime recipe with clear glue or fun mix-ins such as glitter and confetti. 

TIP: Make sure your lens or contact lens cleaner contains boric acid or sodium borate.3

Knead the Slime

A child's hands mixing pink slime in a bowl

  • Put both of your hands into the mixing bowl and start kneading the slime. 
  • Add about 1/4 tablespoon of lens cleaner if the slime is too sticky. 
  • Rotate between kneading and adding lens cleaner until the consistency is right.
  • Store your slime in an airtight plastic bag, reusable plastic container or glass jar. 

Tip: Try vinegar as a cleaning solution when things get messy. 4

How to Make Flubber

Reclaimed Rubbish: Fantastic Flubber

Flubber is a gooey and transparent type of slime. Learn how to make slime with borax with this slime recipe. 

  • Measure 1/2 cup of polyvinyl alcohol and pour into mixing bowl. 
  • Squeeze about eight drops of food coloring into the bowl. 
  • Stir food coloring into polyvinyl alcohol until it is a solid color.
  • Spice up your slime with confetti, glitter or other fun mix-ins.
  • Stir in 2 teaspoons of borax.
  • Stir the borax and glue mixture slowly until the slime sticks to your spoon in one large clump. 
  • Store your slime in an airtight plastic bag, reusable plastic container or glass jar. 

Tip: Try to not get the slime on your clothes or carpet. It can be difficult to remove, especially if it dries. 5

How to Make Slime with Laundry Detergent

Tide Detergent Slime - Savvy Naturalista

Here’s how to make a goo or slime recipe using liquid laundry detergent instead of borax.

  • Fill a measuring cup with 1/2 cup of water and pour it into your mixing bowl. 
  • Mix in 1/2 cup of glue. (Add more or less depending on the consistency you want.)
  • Squeeze a few drops of food coloring into the mixture. 
  • Add glitter or other mix-ins if you wish.
  • Stir in about 1/4 cup of liquid laundry detergent. 
  • Stir until the slime starts to form a gooey texture. 
  • Stir in more laundry detergent until it’s slimy enough for you.
  • Knead the slime with both hands until it’s firm. 
  • Store your slime in an airtight plastic bag, reusable plastic container or glass jar. 

Tip: Make sure small children understand that slime is not edible. 

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